Yuki Kuramitsu is a New York City based jewelry designer. She was born and raised in Kanagawa Japan. Yuki began her career as a make-up artist. However, she had been thinking that she wanted challenge herself, and try new things, then moved to New York in 2013 to study the art of jewelry making at Studio Jewelers Ltd in Manhattan. She learned jewelry design/rendering and comprehensive jewelry training such as metalsmithing, soldering, wax-carving, stone-settings, and enameling and more. Also, she worked as a bench jeweler for jewelry designer Ayaka Nishi, and Catbird in Brooklyn, NYC.

She is currently focusing on her own line, which is jewelry inspired by natural substances, places, and views that she feels are beautiful in her daily life. Also she has a special feeling about bones from her deep interest in anatomy. This made her think bones have mysterious shape, charm and strength, and Yuki aspires to turn this into jewelry using her own  approach.

I am a nature explorer. Beautiful nature always gives me good ideas for my creation.

I love jewelry making, jewelry tools, and jewelry bench!

Anatomy is one of my interests. I think bones are very unique shape that the universe created.

My hands always grabbed my own path I really wanted. I believe the proverb "The squeaky wheel gets the grease"